BBQ Cooking Classes

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BBQ Cooking Classes are in session

Sign up Now for our Backyard BBQ Pitmaster class.  They will be filling up with the soon to be Celebrity Status of Lynnae Oxley
You’ve seen competitive barbecue on TV…
Enroll in our BBQ cooking classes and learn WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A    



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Where is the Class?
Our Classes are held in the Kent, WA area.  Full details will be emailed before the class.  Classes start and 9am and end at 4pm.



We offer two different interactive classes, both of which make great gifts for Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or "just because". One class focuses on basic backyard skills, while the other helps experienced men and women work on their competition skills. You can take more than one class, so feel free to start with the basics and then move on to the competitive course. The best thing is that it doesn't matter if you live in a small town or a big city - we have a class in your area! In fact, we host classes anywhere in the United States(just ask for details).

Your BBQ Class will be hosted by two decorated competetive barbecue veterans

Reserve Grand Champions Skewered Apple

Awards 2009:
Evergreen State BBQ Championship; Reserve Grand Champion 1st pork, 2nd brisket. BBQ on the Bypass Langley BC Grand Champion; 1st pork, 1st brisket.  Oregon State Fair BBQ Championship Salem, OR 1st pork 3rd ribs. Markets LLC BBQ Championship Skagit WA 1st pork,3rd brisket. Cascade Country Cook off Chehalis, WA1st brisket (perfect score).Markets LLC BBQ Championship, Birch Bay, WA 3rd ribs.  Eastern Oregon BBQ Championship Condon, OR Reserve Grand Champion 3rd pork, 1st brisket. Festival of Balloons Tigard, OR 2nd brisket 3rd ribs. Mckinley Springs BBQ Showdown Prosser WA 1st Pork. Thriftway Classic Aloha, OR 1st pork. Smokin on the Columbia Astoria, OR Reserve Grand Champion, 3rd salmon, 4th ribs. Pike Place BBQ championship 3rd pork.  In 2009 Sugars received special awards for the most improved team, total points champion and the most overall points in Pork and Brisket.

Awards 2010:

BBQ on the Bypass Langley, BC 2nd Pork. Skewered Apple BBQ Championship Yakima, WA 1st place Pork, 4th brisket. Oregon State Fair BBQ Championship Salem, OR 1st ribs. Blitz-Ladd IPA Brewers Challenge Portland, OR 1st pork, 4th ribs.  Cascade Country Cook off Chehalis, WA GC 2nd pork, 3rd brisket 3 chicken. Markets LLC BBQ Championship Bellingham 3rd pork, 3rd brisket.  Idaho State BBQ Championship, Boise, ID 4th Pork. Eastside Harley Davidson BBQ Championship Belleview, WA  KCBS 1st Pork. Markets LLC BBQ Championship Birch Bay, WA 1st Pork. Molalla BBQ Championship 1st ribs. Thriftway Classic BBQ Aloha, OR Grand Champion. 1st pork. 1st brisket 3rd chicken 3rd ribs.  Mckinley Springs BBQ Showdown Prosser, WA Grand Champion. 1st pork, 2nd brisket, 2nd chicken. Portland Rose Festival BBQ Portland, OR  Reserve Grand Champion, 1st pork 4th ribs. Smokin’ on the Columbia BBQ Astoria, OR 1st pork 4th brisket. Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ  2nd sauce.

And many more in 2011, inclucing Reserved Grand Champion at the Skewered Apple, 1st Place Pork, 3rd place chicken.

Lynnae and Brad are both members of the PNWBA

What You Will Learn at 

Barbecue School

These BBQ Pitmaster classes are hosted by Lynnae Oxley and Brad Rand. You will learn their secrets to making award winning bbq. These BBQ classes include  Barbecuing Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Sausage.  They will also cover meat selection, fire management, fuels, BBQ rubs and spices, injections, BBQ sauce, and presentation.   There are two BBQ classes currently available.  One is designed for the  Competitive BBQ Pit Master who is looking to sharpen their skills and win more competitions. The second BBQ Class is  for the Back Yard Pit Master who isn't interested in the competitive aspects but wants to learn how the pros prepare their barbecue and impress their friends and family with the best BBQ they have ever tasted. 

If your are serious about wanting to cook the best Barbecue around, whether or not you just want to impress your family and friend or if you want to fine tune you Barbecue competition skills, we have the BBQ class for you.

Barbecue Class topics:

  • Selecting your meat
  • Food Safety
  • Choosing your Barbecue
  • How to make your own rubs and sauces
  • How to prepare chicken, ribs, pork, brisket
  • How to prepare injections and marinades
  • Detailed instructions on cooking methods
  • Equipment and Accessories
  • Low n' Slow vs. Hot n' Fast
  • Cooking Brisket and Pork Butts
  • Cooking Ribs
  • Cooking Tri-Tip
  • Cooking Half Chicken
  • Cooking Sausages and Links
  • Questions, Questions, Questions
  • Certificates and Conclusion
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    Mar 23,24, 2013- Postponed due to BBQ filming.
    May 4th Backyard Pitmaster Class
    May 18th Backyard Pitmaster Class 

    More dates coming soon.

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